Progress of the trial


On Farm Trials   


Crop Production   


Assesment of STCR equation based fertilizer application in Sorghum

T1: Application of fertilizers using Soil Test based Crop Response equation Using the following STCR equations along with targeted yield of 25q/ha fertilizer doses were calculated and applied

STCR equations: N=8.65T – 0.50 SN -0.2 M

 P2O5=1.98 T – 0.36 SP  -0.24 M  K =3.29T – 0.16 SK-018 M 

T2: Recommended dose of fertilizers 80-60-40 kg N, P2O5,K2O/ha

T3 Farmers practice:Application of fertilizers 128-92-30 kg N, P2O5,K2O/ha


Will be initiated in Rabi  


Assessment of ATPHG-11 horse gram variety in YSR district

T1 :ATPHG 11,

T2: CRIDA 18R,

FP: Local Varieties


Will be initiated in Rabi 


Assessment of Organic nutrient management practices in Groundnut

T1: Seed Treatment with Rhizobium @ 10g or 10 ml kg-1 Seed
T2: Integrated Nutrient Management: FYM 10 t/ha,  seed treatment with Imidachloprid/ Tebuconazole, Application of 75 % of recommended dose of fertilizers, Use of Biofertilizers (Rhizobium, PSB and KSB) @ 5 kg/ha 
FP: No seed treatment, Application of complex fertilizers as basal as well as top dressing  


Will be initiated in Rabi 


Assessment of NLR-40054 rice variety in YSR district

T1:Paddy variety NLR-40054

T2: Paddy variety NLR - 34449

T3: Farmer's varieties JGL-384/NDLR-7

03 Crop is at Nursery stage

Plant Protection   


Assessment of Organic Plant Protection practices in Groundnut 

T1: Seed treatment, pest & Diseasement, Control of Tobacco cateroillar, Control of Sucking pest


FP: Seed treatment with Tebuconazole @ 1.5 g/kg seed, application of need based  chemical insecticides and fungicides 

03 To be initiated


Assessment of Integrated Management of wilt in Redgram

T1: Seed treatment with Trichoderma asperillum@10g/kg seed

T2: No seed treatment
03 Sowings and seed treatment was done


Assessment of biological control of blast disease of finger millet

T1: Seed treatment with Pseudomonas flourescens and Bacillus subtilis @ 10 g / kg seed + seedling dip+ foliar spray @ 0.1%

T2: Seed treatment with Carbendazim@ 2 g / kg seed + foliar application of carbendazim @ 0.1%

T3: Farmers Method:Spraying of Carbendazim @ 1g/L 

 03 Indent kept for inputs, yet to be initiated


Assessment of Management of practices for the control of Sheath rot disease in paddy   T1:Spraying of Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.30% SC @1.5ml/lit (two sprays to be given: 1st Spray 5-7days prior to booting and 2nd spray at 50% booting)

T2:Spraying at booting stage once followed by second at seven days interval with carbendazim 1g/L or Propiconazole 1ml/L or Carbendazim + Mancozeb 2g/L

T3:Farmers practice:Spraying of Hexaconzole @2ml/L 
 03 Identified beneficiaries and inputs were procured



Assessment of fruit fly management in mango

T1: Arka Dorsolure –F

T2: IPM for fruit fly

FP: Spraying ofdeltamethrin or Malathion @ 2 ml per lit

03 Trial is yet  to be initiated 


Assessment of turmeric variety Dr.YSRHU Lam Swarna

T1 – Turmeric var.Dr.YSRHU Lam Swarna

T2 – Turmeric var. Rajendra Sonali

T3 – Turmeric var.Mydukur local
 03 Distribution of planting material is completed. Planting is done


Assesment of leaf curl tolerant hybrids in chilli suitable for YSR district

T1 – Chilli hybrid. Arka Tanvi

T2 – Chilli hybrid Arka Saanvi

T3: VNR 145 (Private Hybrid)
03 Trial is yet to be initiated

Home Science  


Assessment of drying techniques for preparation of banana flour

T1 : Solar dehydration

T2: Cabinet tray dryer

T3: Sundry method
05 Trial is to be initiated


Assessment of acceptability, shelf life and nutrition of Chocolate coated Millet Waffle

T1 :Chocolate coated Waffle with Finger millet(IIFPT, Thanjavur)

T2: Chocolate coated Waffle with Pearl Millet(IIMR, Hyderabad)

T3:Chocolate coated Waffle with wheat flour (locally available)
05 Order for waffle Machine is being placed  


Assessment of acceptability and shelf life of Nutrient Dense Millet Chocolate Bar

T1 :Nutrient Dense Millet Bar (PJTSAU, Hyderabad)

T2: Pearl Millet Sinkers(IIMR, Hyderabad)

T3:Nutrient Millet Bar (ANGRAU)
05 Trial conducted at KVK Utukur


Assessment of processing techniques in making Osmotic dehydrated mango and papaya cubes

T1 : Osmotic dehydrated mango (IIHR Bangalore)

T2: Osmotic dehydrated papaya  (IIHR Bangalore)

T3:Locally available  

Trial is to be initiated 


Animal Husbandry

16 Assessment of  Fodder Sorghum+ Legumes fodder production system for year round production of green fodder

T1: Cultivation of Sorghum COFS-33-Hedge lucerne

T2: Sorghum COFS-31-hedge lucerne

FP: Sole Sorghum SSG-59-3

05 To be initiated 
17 Assessment of ecofriendly herbal anti tick acaricide on large and small ruminants

T1: Herbal anti tick acaricide

T2: acaricides

FP: General acaricides or nil

10 To be initiated